Get More From Shopping With These Great Coupon Suggestions
It's hard for anyone to argue against the vast amount of money that couponers save. If you do not know how to use coupons most effectively, you may find doing so to be tedious. Use the ideas in the following article so you'll be better at saving...

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Exhibition Buhuchet and Audit 2012
Yesterday in St. Petersburg ended annual exhibition "Buch. accounting and audit 2011". In it took part of the largest company in our industry, and at the seminar, presentations were made by such well-known colleagues. Each exhibition gives a great...

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New service available
Along with consistently high quality of provided services is growing and the number of them. It was decided to add to the list of services preparation of the accounting reporting of the primary documentation of the customer. Read more about the new...

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Updated prices
The seasonal changing of the demand for accounting services, as well as global economic situation, it was decided to reduce prices for all services provided. With the new price list You can find in the special section. ...

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Welcome to my website!


MENA name Ekaterina Drobova I have a high professional level, numerous awards and certificates, diplomas, as well as huge experience of work at the largest enterprises of St. Petersburg. Please, contact me for assistance audit and accounting.


The advantage of our cooperation: 

  • I don't take time, not sick I did not sudden difficulties and problems in their personal lives;
  • Savings on staff accountant and the taxes on his wages, as well as equipping of the working places;
  • You will get all the statements and declarations in time;
  • All fines and risks take;
  • Raising the level of accounting of your organization;
  • Tax savings. Recommendations for optimization of taxation in the interaction process;
  • You get possibility to obtain high-quality accounting assistance, paying only for accounting services.

The list of services rendered by me constantly expanding, with all the necessary information You will find on the relevant sections of the website.

Statement of accounting

In recent saregistracio Your company, and You can't even imagine how is the accounting registration of economic - financial activities - just fill out the application, and for Your organization are specially developed scheme of registration of primary documents and documentation generated Accounting policies, based on which will be the accounting of Your organization prepared working plan of accounts.


Restoration of accounting

Insufficient competence Your previous accountant I will help You to restore the data of accounting, bring order to the accounts Department of Your company, to perform the amended and additional calculations on the basis of corrective transactions and to make information letters, corresponding legislative and normative acts, will hold their protection and surrender the tax authorities.


Preparation of accounting reports

If your company has a layout of primary accounting documentation and document management but You now want to Chief accountant, which can reflect the content of these documents in accounting registers, calculating the cost structure, timely and correctly to charge taxes to form and to submit reports to bodies of statistics, non-budgetary funds the tax authorities, to prepare financial results. Fill out the order form and you will get a highly qualified specialist, able to cope with all these and other tasks.



To schedule a consultation on absolutely any questions related to audit and accounting and to receive all information interesting for You, from one of the best professionals in our city. Be familiar with prices for the services, and get a quote You can in corresponding sections of the site. Due to the large flow of customers, I recommend you a long time not to think in order to provide timely assistance.